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Studio Lights
Portable, affordable studio lighting solutions



CFL - Cool Light
Feature photo fluorescent lamps, are daylight balanced &  burn an amazing 8000 hours! These photo grade lamps also consume much less electricity and produce very little heat. A 30 watt CFL has similar output to a 150 watt tungsten bulb,  while a 70 watt CFL lamp is comparable to a 350 watt tungsten bulb. 
There are several  styles of Cool Light models to choose from including the latest 20" Softbox and Glamor Light. All  include socket,  bulb(s), light stand and cords. Please call for details!  Prices start under $100.00

 3 Light CFL Kit
Complete with Boom arm and System Case


Universal Softbox

City Lights Universal Fit Halo Softbox $49.95ea.

8' City Lights Portable Background Support System $99.95
Portable Background 
Support System in a Bag.
Adjustable for backgrounds from 53" to 107". Our larger stand set can accommodate Muslin backgrounds up to 10' wide. Crossbar locks to stands with supplied hardware. Includes black nylon carrying bag with compartments for each stand and crossbar.

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